Tourism & Hospitality

Acepyments works with a wide range of leading industry providers, integrating payment solutions to provide an array of powerful channels for businesses to enhance customer engagement.

Tourism & Hospitality

Whether you’re running an aggregated hotel booking site or managing a regional hotel chain, new challenges have emerged in the tourism and hospitality industry as consumer behaviour swings. Communications such as guest profiling and customer engagement channels, as well as payment acceptance continue to be structural business functions for this industry.


Even with the commonality of credit cards, prepaid cards remain an attractive option for travellers. Transactions can be speedy, and usage remains easy. Payment security is never compromised, while the need for handling chunks of cash is reduced.

Through collection of floats, business cash flow has already been greatly increased, even before a transaction takes place. Furthermore, customers are held captive, which encourages returning business.


Make your customers continue to feel like a VIP with immediate gratification. Through an integrated engine, a rewards & redemptions (R&R) solution, an instant redemption (IR) solution as well as a backend customer management system (CMS) are just a click away. IR can also be integrated on mobile platforms such as iPhones, Blackberry and Android.


Within the industry, loyalty programmes continue to be a great way to differentiate from the crowd, save businesses from customer churn and enhance overall value offered to the customer. Benefits such as customer retention, winning back lost customers and building relationships and advocacy cannot be overlooked.


Promotions allow merchants to offer discounts or vouchers to customers who have participated in specific promotions before, or who fall in a specific demographic. This powerful engine saves much time and effort by helping administrators quickly send targeted promotions to pre-qualified customers.

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