Taxi & Transport

While it is common to share vehicles among multiple drivers, our payment terminal is built with the capability to distinguish multiple users. Therefore, users can rest assured that earnings will be safely wired into the designated bank account.

Taxi & Transport

With years of experience in providing payment services to the taxi and limousine industry, MC Payment knows what works. Any industry solution has to be designed to execute transactions swiftly, yet securely as every minute and every second means potential revenue. Whether it’s in tunnels, multi-storey carparks or underneath high-density buildings, we help to ensure that payment collection becomes that easy.

Then there is the pre-order and take-away part of your business. We understand that consumer behaviour has changed. Returning customers may not patronise your restaurants due to reasons like a lack of parking space, long queue times, or simply being too much of a hassle to dine out. These should no longer be excuses to why you’re losing sales.

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Over the years, has supported the taxi industry and gained immense knowledge in the area. It is no surprise that MC Payment has become a top choice among transportation network providers who require app-based, on-demand bookings integrated with multi-channel payment support for drivers.

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